SkywatchLog 1.7

Skywatch LOG Software manages all data recieved from GEOS 11
1.7 (See all)

SKYWATCH LOG comes complete with the PC link (specify either a USB or RS232 connection) and software. The GEOS 11 connects to the interface by a special sensor placed over the face of the LCD. An internal coil in the the GEOS 11 transfers the data to the sensor, eliminating the need for a plug, keeping the GEOS 11 completely sealed. The sensor disk is held in place with an elastic Velcro strap. The cable is two meters long, with either a USB or RS232 plug to connect to the computer. The software is on a CD, and is compatible with Windows versions 98 and newer.


Download all data from GEOS 11. Select all data, since last power-on of unit, or a specific times/dates.
Graph all data on a customized screen. Display from one to six measurements on a single screen
View real-time data from the GEOS 11 on a moving graph or dial console
Set all preferences on the GEOS 11 including rate of measurement, rate of data storage, altitude and pressure settings, time and date, and other features accessible only through the SKYWATCH LOG software
Export all data to a *.txt or *.csv files for use in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel)
View more precise data, with higher resolution; temperature to the hundredth of a degree, etc.
View Graphs:
Multiple data displayed
- specify from one to six different graphs
Zoom and Scroll Time line
- zoom or scroll through the time and date of measurements. Smaller time frame results in more detailed view, larger time frames shows trends
Zoom and scroll data
- each measurement can be zoomed to any scale, to show small or large changes.
Cursors for exact information
- Cursors can be displayed and moved to any time for a given measurement. Multiple cursors can be displayed and aligned to show the values at the same time
Real Time Data:
View data from GEOS 11 in real time
- when connected to the GEOS 11, real time data is received and displayed either on a moving graph or console
Automatically store real time data
- data can be automatically stored while viewing in real time
Console Mode
- the console mode displays information on dials, responding in real time

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